Liberal Democrat & Resident Win on Air Quality Monitoring

22 Nov 2022

Last November Liberal Democrats at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead proposed increasing the amount and range of air pollution monitoring under taken in the borough.


Karen Davies Air Quality Monitoring Pollution PM10 PM2.5 Tory u-turn
Councillor Davies proposals for improved Air Quality Monitoring have finally been delivered after 12 months of campaigning.


In particular Clewer East's Clr Karen Davies's November 2021 motion called for increased monitoring of particulate pollution for PM10 and PM 2.5 neither of which are currently monitored in Windsor, despite the Town having two pollution black spots. At the time these proposals were voted down by every single Conservative Councillor.


Over the intervening year Liberal Democrats across the Royal Borough have continued to campaign hard on the issue of air quality monitoring and to pressurise the Conservatives.


Additionally both local Liberal Democrats and the Maidenhead Great Park Campaign supported a public petition by Clewer East resident Tom Wigley calling on the council to implement the air quality montoring Cllr Davies asked for 12 months ago.


This evening, 22 November 2022, at full council Conservative councillors u-turned and voted unanimously for the very proposals that only a year ago they had all spoken against.


"It's amazing what 12 months of Lib Dem and others' campaigning can achieve, it's just a shame a year has been wasted by the Conservatives." said Lib Dem Environment lead, Cllr Karen Davies who represents Windsor Clewer East - one of the wards affected by a pollution blackspot.