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MAYTIME - spring flowers, some sunshine and, if you live in Windsor, incessant aeroplane noise - sometimes 600 aircraft daily.

14 May 2004

Liberal Democrats Win Control in Windsor and Maidenhead, Previously 'no overall control'

Although the national trend was away from Labour and towards the Conservatives, at least in England, the Liberal Democrats are overall very pleased with the results of the May 1st local elections of 2003. Although losing control of some councils, this was balanced by gaining control of others, including Windsor and Maidenhead. The Conservatives lost 15 seats and the Liberal Democrats picked up 13 with five seats won by independents giving them a majority on the council of 11.

1 May 2003


The inexorable rise of Tom Bursnall, controversial Chair of Conservative Future, scary young Hague-a-like and ever-obliging darling of these pages, seems to have hit an obstacle. Some CF pundits, apparently, had their money on Tory Boy as a dead cert to do a Billy and become Conservative Head Boy before his 21st birthday. But recent revelations have somewhat shaken this assertion. "Any old man can drink 14 pints, but whether they can still put a sentence together is another thing," a sober Bursnall recently confessed. "I start to wobble and shake after several beers, and probably couldn't stomach 14." How sweet: a student who can't hold his liquor. Perhaps Mummy's little ray of sunshine's just not destined for Tory greatness, after all.

25 Sep 2000

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